iVDRclient Overview

iVDRclient provides the possibility to control your VDR.

You need an installation of the famous german VDR project (www.tvdr.de).

iVDRclient uses an encrypted connection which allows you to connect securely to your VDR both at home and while travelling.

The following features are available:
- Manage profiles for all your VDR installations.
- Load channel lists from all your VDRs.
- Use different EPG views.
- Manage timers.
- Stream Live TV using Apple HTTP Live Streaming protocol.
- Stream recordings using Apple HTTP Live Streaming protocol.
- Switch TV channels in ZAP mode.
- Access from more than one iPhone at the same time.
- Share live stream URLs with other devices.

Optional In-App purchase:
- EPG search: EPG free text search, search subsequent repeats in EPG

Additional requirements:

For streaming of live-TV or recordings you need the streamdev-plugin and vlc version 2.1.4 or higher installed on your VDR.
For channel logos you need the skin-elchi-plugin installed on your VDR.